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Insurance Strategies

Mitigating Risk Aiming to Maximize Security

Properly managing the risks that threaten your financial well being is a critical element of any comprehensive financial plan. Transferring these risks is many times an appropriate technique to mitigate these pronounced risks that have the potential to seriously compromise important financial objectives. Therefore, selecting the right insurance products and strategies is a critical function to ensure that you and your goals are sufficiently preserved. We provide a broad universe of risk management strategies from among the country's strongest and most seasoned insurance companies.


Life insurance is the ultimate gift of love. The flexible nature of modern life insurance products provide a powerful means to address a broad spectrum of personal and business needs. Family protection, income replacement, debt protection, wealth transfer, wealth creation, buy/sell, key person and estate liquidity are just a few of the ways to leverage life insurance. With deep expertise in life insurance planning, we can help achieve peace of mind for the greatest uncertainties in life. 


The ability to earn a living is undoubtedly the most significant asset for many. Your income is the financial foundation of your life and the asset you rely on most. We insure so many aspects of our lives, that insuring our ability to sustain an income should not be left to chance. Disability insurance can shield your ability to earn an income from a debilitating injury or illness that can result in financial ruin for a professional, family and business. 

Long Term Care 

The risk of longevity underscores the risk of long term care financing. The statistics are staggering and the current and expected future costs are overwhelming. The quantitative risks to a financial portfolio and the qualitative risks to a family dynamic necessitate the need to confront the realities of long term care. We can assist with the development of a strategy utilizing innovative products to transfer the risk of long term care. 


Medical insurance insulates you and your assets from expected or unexpected medical costs. It is no secret that medical expenses associated with high quality healthcare delivery is costly. We can help identify suitable medical insurance programs for you and your business including private medical insurance programs, Covered California sponsored programs and employer sponsored programs. 


Medicare and its companion programs, remain widely confusing and difficult for many to navigate. We can help demystify Medicare and its companion programs to help you identify suitable Medicare and related options. 


With people living longer and healthier lives, retirees are redefining traditional retirement standards and how to financially thrive in retirement. The risk of outliving financial assets is a substantiated concern for future retirees and rightfully so.  Evolving views on how retirement can look and how long it can last, compels future retirees from exploring strategies that contend with longevity risk. Annuities can help create guaranteed sources of income that last as long as you do. 

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