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Employee Benefit strategies

The Benefit of Benefits

‘Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business. It’s as simple as that. Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage.’ -Sir Richard Branson

We agree. Recruiting, managing and retaining human capital in today’s complex and highly competitive market environment remains a leading challenge across every imaginable industry and sector. To effectively address these challenges, organizations are compelled to invest in their workforces by creating employee benefit programs that engineer greater value for employees and employers alike – now and into the future. We are prepared to show you the way.

As independent employee benefit consultants, we assist in the planning, analyzing, designing, implementation and ongoing support of custom tailored benefit programs that align with your enterprise goals. Our mission is to clearly understand your organization’s culture, demographics and challenges followed by developing strategies that directly reflect and support your organizational vision.

From plan design, compliance, analytics, communication and technology, we provide a full holistic spectrum of employee benefit and human capital strategies.


Employees look to their employers for quality and affordable healthcare options. Healthcare benefits are widely considered to be the foundation of a diversified employee benefits portfolio and it is no secret, it is a complicated endeavor. We take tremendous pride leading organizations of all sizes and sectors with custom designed and tailored healthcare strategies that drive workforce engagement, productivity and overall wellness. All while balancing costs, administration and continuously evolving trends. 

Consumer Driven Healthcare

Consumer Driven Healthcare empowers workforces by igniting the power of choice through the promotion of consumerism. These programs aim to make employees active participants in their own health care delivery choices and how that care is funded. These strategies are designed to encourage health literacy with a shared responsibility in the effectiveness and investment of healthcare and related benefits. We partner with organizations to assess the merits of consumer driven benefit strategies as well as the potential impact to measured outcomes. 


Ancillary benefits complement the foundational pillars of traditional employee benefits. The array of modern benefits opportunities available to employers today create diversified possibilities for employers and employees alike. Ancillary products and strategies extend invaluable dimensions of elevated total compensation, preservation and competitive benefit differentiators. 

Worksite Supplemental

Worksite supplemental benefits serve to augment traditional benefit categories and provide added opportunities for employer and employee alike.  Employees depend upon employers to provide access to a robust suite of benefits that build on the foundation of traditional benefits while providing more specialized options for benefit investments. We bring creative ideas to custom tailor benefit portfolios that differentiate organizations.


We are passionate about inspiring everyone we reach, from the C-Suite to the manufacturing floor, to get on the right track for retirement success. We provide the practical mechanisms including plan design, education, investment advice, fiduciary focused compliance and benchmarking that make the difference. Employers today, share the responsibility and results, for guiding employees towards decision making that will foster financial wellness and retirement readiness. Cultivating actionable individualized retirement plans can help boost morale and career satisfaction while simultaneously energizing the prospects of current and future financial preservation for workforces. We are prepared to equip organizations with the knowledge, tools and know how to elevate retirement goals for all.  

Executive Compensation

The top leaders in an organization are largely instrumental to an organization's growth, profitability and overall success. The need for most organizations to attract and reward key talent requires innovative and compelling executive focused compensation strategies that recognizes the contributions made by top talent. We are equipped to showcase, design and manage executive compensation solutions that help keep organizations thriving. 

Benefits Administration

Benefits administration can be painful in the absence of the technology, expertise and support needed to keep it all running smoothly. We understand that there is a lot to manage and we can help align you with the right components that allow organizations to pursue more while administering less. 


Navigating compliance and regulatory requirements can seem endless and insurmountable. But it does not have to feel nor be that way in actuality with the right partner at your side. With the ever changing complexities of benefits compliance creating insecurity and confusion for employers of all sizes, we take pride leading organizations by providing the necessary clarity to ease the burdens of compliance.

Human Resources Support

Human Resources requires organizations to manage their most important asset: people. Putting people first and the effective management of human capital brings together optimized organizational wellbeing. We serve as an extension of human resource units, large and small, to augment human resource functions and infrastructure.


Total wellness serves to promote and directly contribute towards employees physical, mental and financial wellness. When employees thrive, organizations thrive. Helping employees at every level work towards balanced wellness is multi-dimensional and creates meaningful return on investment with improved employee presenteeism and productivity to start. We help organizations with the framework to envision their benefit investments differently in atypical ways that drive total overall wellness. 

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